Tribute is the lifeblood of your nation in the campaign, and functions as the currency of the game, and can be used to purchase territories and also bonus cards which can enhance the poerformance of your armies during scenarios. In Age of Darkness, you will receive tribute per turn. This amount of tribute is obtained via the following:

  • The strength level of your territories, both your own and your clients added together. Each territory generates an amount of tribute equal to its current strength level at the beginning of your turn.
  • The number of nations allied with you. You will receive 10 tribute per nation allied with you at the beginning of each turn, as long as you're allied with the League of Nations.
  • The number of enemies. Each hostile nation reduces your tribute score by 25.

So in Age of Darkness, wars can be very costly, especially if you are playing as Germany or a lesser nation such as Argentina or Finland. In the Fortress Europa campaign, having tribute and no tribute at all can mean the difference between life and death since you must not end your turn with 0 or less tribute in your coffers.

The SovietsEdit

If you have an alliance with the Soviets, you will receive 5 tribute for every turn you were allied with the Soviets.

However, you will need to be very wary - territories that you control will over time rebel and attempt to join the Soviets as long as you are allied with them, unless you raise their fortification levels.

  • For the first 2 ages of the CtW ([1]-[2]) territories with a fort level of 2 or lower will rebel unless garrisoned.
  • For [3] to [6], your territories must be fully built up in order to avoid defection to the Soviet Union.
  • All capitals start off with a fort level of 4, while the British and American capitals start off at 6.

So an alliance with the Soviets to garner more tribute, while useful, is a double-edged sword because you will need to continuously plough your tribute in order to ensure that your territories will not rebel. So while some factions like the British have the armies to suppress communist revolts, smaller nations such as China and Germany will find it much harder should they even think of allying with the Soviets.