Iran doesn't just receive one but THREE cavalry units, the Imperial Gendarmerie, Camel Rifles and Cossack Lancers. The different cost structure of the Cossack Lancers, the defensive power of the Camel Rifles and the availability of the Imperial Gendarmerie mean that Iran has cavalry superiority - Camel Rifles may not be able to move as quickly as the Imperial Gendarmerie do, but they are ideal especially in situations where you are assaulting enemy units head-on, or are mounting counter-cavalry operations, while the Cossack Lancers and Imperial Gendarmerie function like normal mounted infantry would otherwise do.

That said, Iran has problems if it cannot use its cavalry effectively. Iran doesn't have a lot in the way of armour, and has only the Strv m/41 as its highest level of independent land-based armour. More weapons and infantry can be imported, but Iran is committed to either Axis or Allied military imports.


With Militarist ruleEdit

Fascist allegiance allows the use of the Mg42 to the Iranian arsenal, as well as the Immortals. Main imports: Panzer I, StuG III

With liberal ruleEdit

Iran receives limited British air equipment, as well as the Valentine tank.

Unique unitsEdit


  • Imperial Cossack Lancers
  • Commando: Armed peasants => peasant guerillas et al
  • SMG: (generic Thompson)
  • Machine gun: Lewis [1]
  • Flamethrower (possible?)




  • Schneider

Other vehiclesEdit

  • Rolls-Royce# [1-2] => M20 Armored Utility Car [3-6]

Special unitsEdit

  • Armed caravan^
  • Armed merchant^
  • Armed supply truck/Halftrack^: Universal carrier?
  • Univ. flamer?


  • Fighters: Gloster# [2] => Hurricane H# [3-6]
  • Bombers: Heyford biplane [2]#

National bonusesEdit


  • Wealth also accumulated when Mining Metal
  • Wealth Commerce Level raised by 33%
  • Receive 25% refund on units killed by enemy