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  • Number of capitals: 1 (Madrid)
  • Number of armies: 1
  • Allies: France
  • Diplomatic personality: see Leaders

As any other poor and weakened nation, Spain will try to keep to itself most of the time, unless war was declared on it. The Spanish faction will often try to buy out peace whenever attacked, and will reject all alliances, unless any offer of an alliance entails giving it the cantonments of Bordeaux and Gibraltar.


Spain has four leaders:

  • Initial: Niceto Alcalá-Zamora (Neutral, Appealable)
  • Nationalist: Francisco Franco (Devious, Implacable)
  • Fascist: Wilebaldo Solano (Neutral, Implacable)
  • Communist: Manuel Azaña (Devious, Appealable)
  • Allied: Juan Carlos de Borbon (Neutral, Appealable)

Territories coveredEdit

Western EuropeEdit

  • Madrid
  • Seville
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Asturias