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  • Number of capitals: 1 (Bucuresti)
  • Number of supply centres: 1 (Bucuresti)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • AI personality: Unreliable; appealable
  • Allies: Greece, League of Nations


As one of the few minor nations to be playable in more than 1 CtW, Romania is a rather difficult faction to play, because of its victory conditions - either occupy 6 other factions, or gain control of 10 oil-producing territories. The most likely way Romania can win would probably be to capture oil-producing territories, because Romania already controls at least 1.

This means that Romania then has to think of capturing another 9, but many of these oil-producing territories are controlled by other factions, most notably the British Empire and the Soviet Union, while there are 3 territories within reach that you can obtain - Vienna, Lwow, and Tirana. It will not be easy, because the factions who administer them will not give them up. The only way forward would be to declare war on them, which unless supported by allies is seldom a good idea. Germany, the USSR and Italy are ideal allies, because they all will probably have their own plans for the League of Nations and Poland, allowing you to join in the fight should you choose to do so.

Once they are taken out, however, you will then have to decide where to expand next. Should you choose to continue on your quest for more oil, there is only one logical option - strike east. The Middle East and Central Asia contain a whopping 7 supply centres, but many of these are occupied by various nations. 4 of these are occupied by the Soviets, while the other 3 are parcelled out amongst the British, Iraqis and Iranians.

Domination campaignEdit

Generally, Romania remains mostly neutral and non-belligerent unless attacked (which is usually by Hungary), but is at the start of the campaign in an alliance with Greece. An attack on Romania will generally trigger a war with Greece as well.

Over time, Romania and Hungary's relations with each other go down drastically over Transylvania. It will be up to you as either Germany or France to mediate the issues that go on with each other.

Territories coveredEdit