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In history, Romania was a reluctant ally of the West, and did not join the Axis for as long as it was not politically or militarily isolated from the rest of the Allies. Technologically backward and industrially underdeveloped, Romania soon found itself easy prey in the closing years of the Second World War when facing a rejuvenated Soviet war machine following the victories at Stalingrad and Kursk.

As a player using Romania, you will need to keep this in mind, and use your strengths to prevent the same, through strategic placement of your fortresses which unlike other factions do not need Homeland Security in order to be used.

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Ideal for early border rushing.
  • Stronger cavalry means a more offensive early-game style.
  • Wealth gathering bonus
  • Technologically backward, lacks proper anti-armour units.
  • Highly dependent on defensive diplomatic and military strategy
  • Strategic inflexibility

Unique unitsEdit



  • Tankettes: TACAM-2 light tank destroyer
  • Light: Renault FT 17^ [1] =>< V6T^[2] => Strv m/41 [3-4] => R-35 (45mm) [5-6]
  • Medium tank: Panzer III# [3] => Panzer IV# [4-6] (available only if Fascist alignment chosen)



  • SPGs: Panzer StuG III# [3] (requires Panzer III chass; available only if Fascist alignment chosen)


  • Krupp 75mm M1903 => Skoda K1 [3]

Other vehiclesEdit

  • Austin Armoured Car
  • Hanomags (SPAD, support; replaces both; only with Fascist alignment)


  • Fighters: Biplane => Focke-Wulf FW 190# [4-6]Bf 109
  • Special: Potez 25, Junkers JU88# [3] (all available only with Fascist alignment)

National bonusesEdit


  • Forts 50% cheaper, built 25% faster and available from the start.
  • Fort research is free
  • Forts exert +3 bonus on national borders
  • Heavy infantry created 10% cheaper and 10% faster
  • Start with 1 level of Military Technology already researched
  • Cities gather +15 wealth
  • Receive free Tank Hunters every time a New barrack is built:
    • 1 at Dark Age;
    • 2 with Castle Age plus 3 Military Research; and
    • 3 with Imperial Era plus 5 military research.

Unit bonuses:Edit

  • Mobile Infantry units have additional hitpoints, making them as strong as rifle infantry.