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  • Number of capitals: 1 (Tehran)
  • Number of armies: 1
  • Diplomatic personality: Unreliable, Belligerent

Iran is depicted as being mostly neutral. However, much later it will begin to fall under the spell of the Axis, especially if the Nationalists win the Spanish Civil War.

For the Axis, Iran can be a vital client-state, especially for oil-starved Germany. However, it is receptive to client state offers only if you are at war with both Britain and Russia provided you are prepared to pay a massive amount of baksheesh for military access. Moreover, Iran itself is rather isolated - it is sandwiched between Britain and Russia, so it will be fairly easy to destroy if things go wrong.

As an ally, Iran is unreliable since it will not declare war on any faction which enters war with you.


  • Mohammad Mossadegh
  • Reza Shah Pahlavi
  • Mohammad Taqi-Khan
  • Mirza Kuchak Khan
  • Ismail Khan Sowlat-ad-dowla Qashqai
  • Rais Ali Delvari
  • Mohammad Bagher Khan Tangestani
  • Ibrahim Khan Qavam-ul-Mulk
  • Ahmad Shah Qajar
  • Mohammad Ali Foroughi
  • Mohammed Reza
  • Hassan Pirnia
  • Gholamali Bayandor
  • Ali Mansur

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