The Internment Centre or "prison" as it is known is a huge building that, has a wide LOS (which increases with science research), conduct taxation upgrades and can see hidden units. Internent Centres, unfortunately, can be built only in settlements and you can only build one per settlement.

The internment centre is the recruiting ground for one of Spain's unique units, being the Guardia de Asalto, the military police of the Spanish army.

Units createdEdit

Guardia de Asalto

Indian Renegades





Keynesian DoctrineEdit

"Capitalism inevitably and by virtue of the very logic of its civilization creates, educates and subsidises a vested interest in social unrest." — Joseph Schumpeter

  • Tax 1
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • Vidal Civitas
  • Keynes Reichtum

Capital Gains TaxEdit

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty – yet thou art rich!" — Revelation 2:9

  • Tax 2
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • Psy Reichtum
  • Intgov Civitas
  • CGT Reichtum

Public DebtEdit

"Moneyless, you are unloveable." — George Orwell

  • Tax 3
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • Keynes Reichtum
  • Synths [5]
  • Liberty Saycheese rpg 1


Note that if spies successfully infiltrate one of these, they can cause it to self-destruct, releasing the internees.