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Unique buildingsEdit

Propaganda Centre - replaces the House of worship once Collectivisation is researched

Unique unitsEdit


  • Mounted infantry: Dromedary Corps
  • Commando: Armed peasants [1-2] => Peasant guerillas
  • SMG: (generic Indian)
  • Machine gun: Lewis [1] => Bren [2-6]
  • Flamethrower (possible?)
  • Gurkha Rifle Brig: Gurkhas are recruited from fortresses, dealing more damage against enemy fortifications.


  • Light tanks/tankettes: Carden-Loyd# [1] => VA Mk VI [2]
  • Med tanks: Stuart and Sherman lines available only if you researched Capitalism.
  • Heavy: Matilda?



  • Sherman Firefly (?)

Cannon: ?

Other vehiclesEdit

  • Rolls-Royce# => Daimler AC Mk.I [3]

Special unitsEdit

  • Armed caravan^
  • Armed merchant^
  • Armed supply truck/Halftrack^: Universal carrier?
  • Flamethrower infantry^
  • Flamer => ?


  • Fighters: Gloster# [1] => Hurricane H [2-3] => P-51 Mustang [4-5]
  • Bombers: Heyford biplane [1] => Wellington [2-3]


  • Coolie. Replaces a citizen, is cheaper, but slower and weaker, and also cannot be converted into Militia.

National bonusesEdit


  • City Economic Radius is increased by +4
  • Caravan income is increased by +15%
  • Buildings do not rise in cost except for Wonders, Towers, Lookouts, and Forts, which rise at half the normal rate, and Cities, which rise normally

Unit bonuses:Edit

See here.


In the Domination CtW, India is used to represent two different factions: Afghanistan and Ethiopia.

  • Can only build pillbox
  • Only cavalry, rifle infantry and FT-17 available
  • Can't build airfield

Unique units:

  • Coolie, shared with India and has its own distinctive appearance.
  • Peshmerga cavalry


  • FT-17, QF 18 lber
  • Hardly has any units to speak of
  • Very weak, incapable of building fortifications - not even Czech Hedgehogs!

Unique units:

  • Kebur Zabagna: mostly rifle infantry, and are an elite without "elite abilities"
  • Mehal Sefari cavalry
  • Abyssinian jinetes
  • Camel archers
  • Arbegnoch "armed peasants" who are formed from converting peasants


  • FT-17, Schneider, some French planes

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