• Start date: November 1917
  • End date: November 1918
  • Turns: 20 (on average, about 2-3 weeks per turn
  • Objectives for Germany, Japan, USSR and USA remain the same.

"It has been three years since the unfettered designs of national rivalry and a series of seemingly unrelated events have reached a bloody peak, resulting in the greatest war the world has ever seen: Germany, Austria, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria are fighting an indecisive campaign against an increasingly ragged and desperate alliance of Western powers, held together only by shared losses, the misery of trench warfare and fatal blunders committed on both sides.

"Eastwards beyond the Carpathians, however, age-old Russia is in the grip of a socialist revolution determined to remake humanity in its own image with no heed to the cost, while dangerous undercurrents are stirring in the Pacific, where the British, Japanese, Americans and French are all set for an imperial clash of ambitions. Little do soldiers, civilians and politicians everywhere realise that coming events throughout Europe and Asia, terrible as they seem, are but a foretaste of an impending age of darkness — one from which their world may not escape unscathed."


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Playable factions:Edit

Major powersEdit

Minor powersEdit

Minor nationsEdit

  • Greece — is considered to be in control of Serbia


Minor powersEdit

If somehow Britain loses control of Canada, American forces encountered by Central Powers in Italy and France are DEFEATED.

Any attempts to attack the Netherlands or the Oslo Group nations will result in the occupation of BOTH factions by either Germany, or France (for the Oslo Group) and the British (Netherlands)

Minor nationsEdit

  • Finland — Has an army
  • Iran — occupied by Britain, no army
  • Spain — no army
  • Poland — aligned to Germany, with army in Africa.

Some notes:

  • If a NPC faction loses all tribute, its vassals are released as independent nations.

Tribute and supplyEdit

Tribute comes in as normal, but the British and French get a tribute boost as long as Canada is in British hands.

Supply cannot be obtained except by getting other factions to join you, although it must be noted that Austria and Poland are valuable sources of supply.


Colonies represent the trade routes and dependencies of the fighting nations.

If Ponte Delgada and Reykjavik are taken by the Germans, Bulgarians,Austrians or the Turks, the British lose their colonies, and the fort levels of Paris and London drop to 1.

Victory conditionsEdit

  • Eliminate all enemy factions, or
  • Occupy 6 different states
  • Do not end a turn with no tribute or you are defeated.