There are 24 factions, covering a variety of combatant and significant non-combatant nations such as Argentina and Turkey for the whole duration of this mod's coverage (Jan 1917- December 1945). In addition, the CtW edition also contains several sub-factions and rebel factions, such as Abyssinia, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Of the 24 playable factions, we have divided them into major powers, minor powers and minor nations, with major powers having the strongest armaments and economic bonuses, and minor nations having the least. More info can be found below.


Several factions are capable of multiple allegiances, most notably:

  • France (Liberal, Fascist)
  • Spain (Fascist, Communist)
  • China (Fascist, Communist, Liberal)
  • Iran (Fascist, Liberal)

Allegiances allow the nations to generally use the units of other nations, most notably those of Germany, Italy, Britain, America and the USSR, although in some of these you will also receive some unique units which are unlockable only if you researched the correct techs.

Conquest of a factionEdit

When the capital of a faction is captured, you will immediately be given two choices:


Occupation means that the faction conquered becomes a client-state attached to your nation. You can't utilise its accumulated tribute nor its strategic resources, but what armies it had when it was captured will become yours. Occupation is often preferable to annexation because the territories of that nation will be retained, allowing for collection of more tribute over time.

Note however that if you occupy a major or a minor power, it will become independent again should the following happen:

  • You have fewer territories than the occupied nation
  • You lose 4 times in a row
  • The occupied nation has an average territorial strength that is at least 4 or greater than your entire nation's own.


Annexation results in the complete destruction of the faction. Its tribute becomes yours, but the level of whatever territories you obtain from annexation are reduced to 1.

Note that annexing a major power has risks. If a major power is annexed, all its remaining territories will revert to rebel states which must be reconquered 1 by 1.

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