Bunker full
Although costlier and taking somewhat longer to build, Bunkers are very useful point defences, as they can be used to give shelter to units garrisoned within, and also have a more powerful attack and are very resistant. They can be considered as  the "poor man's fortress" because of their powerful tactical stats and their relatively cheaper cost, although they are incapable of recruiting spies and generals like the Fortress.

Units createdEdit

Conscripts Natgardsq Volksgrenadier Sqd 176th 'Kranken' Div Battaglione "M" Suicide Soldiers

Explanatory notesEdit

  • Conscripts: The most common unit available, these men fire very slowly, have poor hitpoints and equally bad speed and accuracy, and are armed with shotguns.
  • National Guard: replaces conscripts for USA.
  • Volksgrenadier division: an ersatz version of the Fallschirmjager Div, with lower speed, lower accuracy and lower attack, and still costlier than the next unit available.
  • Waffen-SS: although costlier, only has marginally more hitpoints and greater damage and accuracy, can't be expected to replace the Panzergrenadiers.
  • Battaglione "M": available to Italy as long as Militarism was researched, Battaglione M conscripts have better rates of fire and movement speed than most other conscript-type units.
  • Suicide Soldier: does what it says on the tin - don't recruit unless you really have no choice. Moves faster within friendly territory. Available only with Kamikaze Tactics from the Temple.