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  • Number of capitals: 1 (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • Number of oilfields/supply centres: 1 (Recife)
  • Diplomatic personality: Neutral; appealable
  • Allies: United States of America; Argentina

The leader of Brazil is Getulio Vargas, and Brazil usually has issues with both the Axis and the Allies.

  • If (somehow) the Axis occupies Brazil, the leader is changed to Plinio Salgado
  • If the Allies occupy Brazil, the leader is changed to Eurico Gaspar Dutra

As an AI faction, Brazil has 2 armies, and will attempt to use them in police actions - or against you if it feels sufficiently threatened, ie your Latin American territorial strength exceeds that of both Brazil and the USA. Brazil often has problems with the US, especially if the US is particularly belligerent. Brazil generally doesn't like any extra- Latin America faction that has territory in Latin America and will not ally with anyone who does, and also will refuse alliance offers from Japan or the Soviet Union.

If the Allies choose to sanction Vargas-led Brazil and have territories in Latin America, Brazil usually will ally with the Axis, especially if it has lost at least 3 territories, and Francisco Franco leads Spain and Mussolini Italy. Brazil will also ask for an alliance with Italy and Germany, but the cost for doing so is normally very high. Ergo the best way to keep Brazil out of any war with the Axis would be to refrain from antagonising them. Britain can't help much - it needs the Falklands and as long as Britain holds on to it, Brazil will refuse all offers of alliance, yet alone occupation.

If you are playing as Argentina, Brazil poses both an opportunity and a threat. As a regional power in Latin America, Brazil prefers to keep the status quo, and will be suspicious of any offers from you despite being allied with you. If threatened, Brazil may call in Uncle Sam to keep the peace, or even as mentioned re-align itself with the Axis powers in desperation if it loses its territories three times in a row. You may need to consider expansion elsewhere if you fear America sufficiently unless you are strong enough to destroy Brazil through annexation by force.

Territories coveredEdit

  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Florianopolis
  • Recife
  • Manaus
  • Belem