Region Territory Bonuses


Changchun and Xinjing Einsatz
Macao Marinenflugzeug
Shanghai Marinenflugzeug
Hong Kong Marinenflugzeug
Nanjing Einsatz
Fuzhou and Xiamen
Kunming Marinenflugzeug
Chengdu Einsatz
Resources available Lanzhou
Kohl Salz Getriede Kupfer Ürümqi
Unification bonus Sanya
300 Wuhan Marinenflugzeug
Rebels Guangzhou Marinenflugzeug
Warlords (China) Lhasa


  • Despite China's size, the amount of oil here is almost close to nothing and conquest of this region would be troublesome but for the fact that both China and Japan have more than one army.
  • It may be expedient for any invader to seize the major transport hubs of China — those bearing Transport Requisition cards. Once taken, armies can then be transferred around China as seen fit, or removed to conquer other parts of the world.
  • On the other hand, the southern territories of China are the most valuable, so you might want to start off taking them, leaving the Chinese with the rest of the less than useful parts.
  • There are no supplies in China, since there are no workable oilfields yet.