Regions by GeographyEdit

MediterraneanWestern EuropeNorthern EuropeNorth AmericaCentral America and CaribbeanLatin AmericaSouthern AfricaEastern EuropeMiddle EastEquatorial AfricaPacificNorthern AfricaPacificIndomalayaCentral AsiaEurasiaChinaIMG 3663
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In Age of Darkness, the world is split into sixteen regions, being:—

  • North America
  • Central America and Caribbean
  • Latin America
  • Northern Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle East
  • Northern Africa
  • Equatorial Africa
  • Southern Africa
  • Central Asia
  • Eurasia
  • China
  • Indomalaya
  • Pacific

Oil is crucial for the supply and operation of armies in the field in all Age of Darkness campaigns. In general, the most valuable areas tend to be North America, the Middle East, Central America and the Caribbean as well as Central Asia by virtue of their control of supply centres which represent oilfields.

Strategic resources (and where to find them)Edit

Value Locations Strategic
Value Locations
Wal 14 Aleksandrovsk; Longyear; Nuuk; Silber-erz 33 Lima; Mexico; Santiago de Chile
Gold 100 Mafikeng; Novossibirsk; Yakutsk Diamanten 100 Freetown; Luanda; Maputo
Kohl 50

Ashgabat; Asturias; Brussels; Changchun & Xinjing; Manchester; Santiago de Bogotá; Toyohara; Warsaw

Baumwolle 33 Bombay; Khartoum; St Louis
Gips 25 Karachi; Quito; Sverdlovsk; Valencia Gummi 100

Lagos; Leopoldville; Manaus; Penang

Salz 66 Jammu and Kashmir; Lhasa; Tombouctou Schwefel 50 Honolulu; Betawi; Sapporo; Rekjavik; Kurils; Napoli
Kupfer 66

Albuquerque; Caracas; Vancouver

Eisen 66 Adelaide; Lulea; PyongyangStrasbourg
Getriede 25 Don Basin; Wuhan Wein 25

Lisboa; Marseilles; Turin

Uranium-erz 100

Astana; Denver; Praha

Titanium 100 Erzurum; Helsinki
Aluminum 50 Cayenne; Madras; Vieh 50 Berne; Cordoba; Houston

Some notes:

  • Titanium has been renamed to Chromium.
  • Compared to the territories of Rise of the Moderns' Grand Campaign, some areas have different resources.
  • With the exception of this list, all other resources are eliminated, they are then replaced with different bonus cards where needed.

Regions and distribution of oil, transport facilities and capitalsEdit

In Age of Darkness, supply is determined by the presence of significant oil reserves, with most of it confined to some coastal areas of the New World, as well as the Pacific and the Middle East and Eastern Europe. This means that there is often a massive scramble by factions to occupy others for armies or to conquer key ports and cities in order to gain control of transport requisition cards to transfer armies.

Northern Europe Western Europe

Hauptstadt League




Hauptstadt France

Strasbourg Anfuhr

Hauptstadt Uk

Dublin Anfuhr Berne Hauptstadt League Caen Anfuhr

Hauptstadt Suomi

Oslo Anfuhr Madrid Hauptstadt [[file:|19px]] Ponte Delgada Anfuhr
Copenhagen Anfuhr Lisboa Hauptstadt Portugal Sevilla Anfuhr
North America Den Haag Hauptstadt Nederland Barcelona Anfuhr
Washington DC Hauptstadt 105520514 Montreal Anfuhr Milan Anfuhr Santander Anfuhr
Minneapolis Hauptstadt 105520514 Miami Olfeld Bruxelles Anfuhr Hamburg Anfuhr
Ottawa Hauptstadt Uk Winnipeg Olfeld Central Europe
Nuuk Anfuhr Vancouver Anfuhr Berlin-Brandenburg Hauptstadt Deutschland Lwow Olfeld
New York Anfuhr Los Angeles Olfeld Bucuresti Hauptstadt Rumen Olfeld Kharkov Olfeld
Houston Olfeld Albuquerque Olfeld Warszawa Hauptstadt [[file:|19px]] Wien Olfeld
Pacific Moscow Hauptstadt Cccp Sebastopol Anfuhr
Canberra Hauptstadt Uk Jesselton Olfeld Anfuhr Sofia Hauptstadt Bulgar Riga Anfuhr
Tokyo Hauptstadt Japan Pontianak Olfeld Budapest Hauptstadt [[file:|19px]]
Betawi Hauptstadt Nederland Palembang Olfeld Mediterranean
Sydney Anfuhr Nagasaki Anfuhr Roma Hauptstadt Italia Ajjacio Anfuhr
Manila Anfuhr Guam Anfuhr Malta Anfuhr Patras Anfuhr
Indomalaya Athens Hauptstadt Hellas Napoli Anfuhr
New Delhi Hauptstadt Hind


Anfuhr Tirana Olfeld Cagliari Anfuhr
Bombay Anfuhr Srinagar Anfuhr Gibraltar Anfuhr Malta
Colombo Anfuhr Singapore Anfuhr Central Asia
Rangoon Olfeld Karachi Anfuhr Tehran Hauptstadt Persia Tashkent Olfeld
China Kabul Anfuhr Ashgabat Olfeld
Nanjing Hauptstadt China Macao Anfuhr Baku Olfeld Astana Olfeld Anfuhr
Chengdu Hauptstadt China Shanghai Anfuhr Northern Africa
Changchun and Xinjing Hauptstadt Japan Kunming Anfuhr Cairo Olfeld Anfuhr Algiers Anfuhr
Hong Kong Anfuhr Wuhan Anfuhr Equatorial Africa
Guangzhou Anfuhr Senegal-Niger

Hauptstadt France

Lagos Anfuhr
Central America and Caribbean Mogadishu Anfuhr Asmara Anfuhr
Havana Anfuhr Caracas Olfeld Southern Africa
Bermuda Anfuhr Mexico Olfeld Cape Town Hauptstadt Uk Maputo Anfuhr
Kingston Anfuhr Quito Anfuhr Antananaviro Anfuhr Luanda Anfuhr
Santiago de Bogotá Olfeld Panama Anfuhr Mombasa Anfuhr Dar es Salaam Anfuhr
Middle East Latin America
Baghdad Hauptstadt Nejd Tabriz Olfeld Rio de Janeiro Hauptstadt Brazil Recife Anfuhr
Ankara Hauptstadt Turkice Muscat Anfuhr Buenos Aires Hauptstadt Argentina Montevideo Anfuhr
Istanbul Anfuhr Ha'il Olfeld Lima Anfuhr Patagonia Olfeld
Jerusalem Anfuhr Aden Anfuhr Eurasia
Basra Olfeld Shiraz Sverdlovsk Hauptstadt Cccp Petropavlovsk Anfuhr
Busan Anfuhr Aleksandrovsk Olfeld


  • Nationalist Separatists (Indonesia): They have the "native American" look for infantry, but differ in that they use a mix of British and Japanese vehicles.
  • South American Insurgents (Peru): See above, but their tech tree resembles that of Greece, and also have aircraft.