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Domination leaders:

  • Faisal
  • Ghazi
  • Abdullah
  • Nuri al-Sa'id

(these are Allied-aligned)

  • Abd al-Karim Qasim


  • Rashid Ali al-Gaylani
  • Fawzi al-Qawuqji


Other leaders:

  • Farouk
  • Abdul Aziz as-Saud
  • Fuad
  • Abdullah
  • Muhammad al-Badr
  • Naif

CtW objectivesEdit

  • Control North Africa and the Middle East
  • Accumulate 4,000 tribute.


  • Initial difficulty: Very challenging
  • Number of capitals: 1 (Baghdad)
  • Number of supply centres: 1 (Basrah)
  • Number of armies: 2
  • Allies: British Commonwealth
  • Diplomatic personality: Unreliable, Passive

As all minor factions go, the Arabs (represented by Iraq) may probably have the toughest startup and could arguably be the hardest as far as the mini-campaigns of the Domination campaign are concerned.

Key to your survival are the Western arms industries. Although you are fairly deficient in weapons (with only the recoilless gun to begin with as a heavy weapon versus armour), you can still obtain heavy weapons and medium tanks through alliances with either the Oslo Group, Russia, Germany, France, Italy or Britain. You need to pick an ally, which you must stick with for 6 turns, after which you will be asked if you would like to buy your ally's units. You may agree, upon which part of your tribute is transferred to your ally, and the unit is then permanently trainable from either your barracks or your HEF.

Although this seems good, bear in mind that your task, if you choose it, is to complete the campaign by gathering 4,000 tribute and by conquering North Africa and the Middle East. This without doubt means that you would be treading on the toes of Italy, Russia, France and Britain, given their extensive interests in the regions you require. Further, should you break an alliance, or your chosen ally then becomes the ally of a party hostile to your interests, then you will lose what medium armour you may have derived from that alliance (but you get to keep any infantry purchased in this manner). Also, note that you may only buy 1 medium tank and 1 heavy weapon system per era, so you have to choose carefully the weapons that you buy.

In summary,

  1. Form alliances with Western powers to gain access to their superior military technology, but choose wisely.
  2. Although breaking an alliance with Western powers removes their vehicles from your unit roster, you can keep small arms units in the barracks and armoury.

Territories coveredEdit

  • Anbar
  • Iraq
  • Shatt el Arab