A special kind of craft which only the most developed nations can build. Although somewhat cheaper to maintain compared to normal warplanes, airships are slower and very vulnerable to anti-air attack, be it from fighter aircraft or ground flak.

Observation balloon Luftschiff this unit is unique in that it can be launched from a shipyard. It is not armed, but is meant to be used for spotting purposes. Britain, Italy, Germany and the USA all can launch observation balloons.

Bomber airship Luftschiff is costlier than the observation balloon, but has some armour and the ability to toss bombs over the side, although it's not as efficient as a bomber. The bomber airship is available to France, Italy and Germany and is built from the airfield. Barrage balloon Flug; Tot slow-moving, cloaked unit, capable of a suicide attack of untold devastation.  Unlike other air units, barrage balloons initially cost wood, but have a high ramp cost in oil. Barrage balloons are useful against buildings and aircraft, but worthless against enemy ground and sea units.