All aircraft are built at an airbase. Although most factions can only build biplanes, some others have access to some fairly powerful weapons, including:

  • Fighters Flug cheap, but replaceable, their task is to kill bombers. In later eras, they are replaced with jet fighters.
  • Heavy bonbers Schwereflug these are the most powerful planes, capable of dropping bombs that can demolish an entire block or a warship in minutes - the downswing is that they aren't accurate, and are hopleless against infantry and fighters.
  • Attack craft Mittflug initially depicted as biplane bombers, these later evolve to various monoplane attack aircraft or light bombers. Attack aircraft have good accuracy and are ideal against ground units, but are hopeless against AA units and fighters.
  • Airship Luftschiff not as fast as normal aircraft, but do not need to return to base for refuelling. Although some airships are armed with small bombs for self-defence, airships are better used for scouting and anti-submarine warfare, but are as costly as a destroyer to build. Others like Barrage Balloons don't need a lot of resources to build, but are instead used as a suicide bomber against warplanes.

Available combat specialisationsEdit

Symbol Unit role
This unit is a carrier-based plane.
This unit is a suicide unit.