Tripartite pactEdit

Faction: Japan


  • France is defeated or joins the Axis.

Event: Germany will ask Japan for an alliance. Acceptance of the pact forms an alliance with Germany and Italy, and also results in the creation of 3 treachery cards for Japan to use.

  • Side effect upon rejection: USSR increases fort levels of areas around Japan.

Hendaye agreementEdit

Faction: Germany

Hendaye meeting: If France is under your control, and Britain is still alive on turn 25, you will be tasked with a dilemma: either cede Atlas and Morocco to Spain for Spanish help, or cede your outpost in French Indochina to the Japanese for entry into war against USA. Acceding to Spanish demands will result in France being destroyed along with all its armies.

The East African campaignEdit

Once the British capture their first town in Ethiopia, they will be asked whether to liberate or conquer.

  • f the British choose to liberate, this increases the likelihood of dissent in India and Asia.
  • If the British choose to conquer, this causes the Oslo Group to break off relations with the British and prevents other nations from allying with the British for the rest of the campaign.