"April 1940: Once more, Europe is engulfed in blood after just more than 22 years of peace. In an attempt to restore the German Reich of the Kaiser's days, the Germans under Hitler have overrun Poland, sparking off another conflict with France and Britain. To the north, Russia, fearing German expansion, is in the process of creating a series of buffer states which it hopes will be able to help it ride out the vicious onslaught which will surely come soon from the West."


The ultimate WW2 experience, with a length of about 30 turns (average: 2.1 months per turn)

Start date: 1940

Playable factions:



  • At war with the UK and France, and also controls Copenhagen - as well as Praha, Bratislava, Vienna, Danzig AND Warsaw (Soviet Union controls pretty much everything else), controlling as many as 3 armies - 1 in Berlin, and the other 2 in Vienna and Budapest.
  • Has Hungary as a vassal state, and is allied to Italy.


  • At war with Germany, and has control of Bergen, Brussels and Oslo.


  • Allied to China


  • At war with China, as usual, and controls most of coastal China, China controls the rest.


  • At war with Finland



  • Allied with France, Oslo Group and Greece.
  • Romania must control at least 10 oil producing regions, or have 6 vassals.


  • Allied to USA
  • At war with Japan.
  • China must control all of China , as well as Rangoon, Khabarovsk and Haiphong.


  • Still allied to Germany, but Vipurii is now part of Russia.
  • Can't attack Soviets for 4 turns, attacking the Soviets will result in a loss of tribute.
  • As usual, to win Finland must control 10 oil producing regions, or have at least 6 vassals.