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Age of Darkness Wiki covers three mods created for Rise of Nations, based on 20th century history, being Age of DarknessThe Vietnam War as well as the universe of A Wrong Turn. 

These mods use the tech rules of Age of Darkness in which you navigate a technology tree that is dependent on the development of your cities in order to receive more powerful units.

Feel free to have a look around!

Our mods[]

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October, 1917

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November 1963

A Wrong Turn


"It has been three years since the unfettered designs of national rivalry and a series of seemingly unrelated events have reached a bloody peak, resulting in the greatest war the world has ever seen. Eastwards beyond the Carpathians, however, age-old Russia is in the grip of a socialist revolution determined to remake humanity in its own image with no heed to the cost, while dangerous undercurrents are stirring in the Pacific, where the world's leading powers are all set for an imperial clash of ambitions.

Little do soldiers, civilians and politicians everywhere realise that coming events throughout Europe and Asia, terrible as they seem, are but a foretaste of an impending age of darknessone from which their world may not escape unscathed."

"It should have been a golden age for Vietnam, for it has been almost eighteen years to the day since the imperialist powers of the world were toppled. Yet the fires of war smoulder yet again, between two factions — a northern regime supported by the Russians who seeks to reforge anew the new nation, and a military junta based around Saigon fighting for its very own survival with aid from the United States.

As the fledgling nation of Vietnam is sucked into the so-called Cold War, only time will tell if the Vietnamese, like many others will emerge back into the light or fall into a newer and greater age of darkness....and if the world will ever leave them alone, come what may."

“Imagine a world that could have been ours if hate and stupidity had been allowed to prevail. There is no good anymore, only different types of evil, fighting each other in a meaningless war. Imagine an awesome world to wage war in. ' A world where eight countries struggle for supremacy, power or mere survival.

The year is now 1978 and for almost twenty years, the world has been in a perpetual war. Peace is a rare exception that lasts for only so long before hate prevails again. Resources are being depleted, populations are exhausted and armies are at close to their breaking points. Yet, no one is willing to stop the killing and lay down their weapons first. Faster and faster, blinded by decades of war and mutual hate, mankind is driven towards its own end by a handful of dictators whose power rests on their people's fear and their lust for revenge. 

Pick up your weapons and fight, for there is nothing else to do, and so little time left before everything collapses upon itself."

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